Empowering social enterprise

It is important for social enterprises to establish credibility and differentiate themselves from other types of businesses. Social Enterprise Australasia guides you through the key steps to demonstrate that your organisation is a social enterprise:

Define your mission and values: Social enterprises are organisations that seek to generate positive social or environmental outcomes while also generating revenue. We help you define your mission and values in a way that clearly articulates how your organisation is working to achieve social or environmental impact.

Establish a structure: Social enterprises often operate as a nonprofit, a for-profit corporation, or a hybrid structure. We help you establish the right structure and governance that reflects your organisation’s social or environmental mission and goals.

Report on impact: Social enterprises should be transparent about their impact and should report on their progress towards social or environmental goals. We seek to determine the ‘best strategy’ on how to collect data and track outcomes to demonstrate the impact of your organisation.

Engage with stakeholders: Social enterprises should engage with a range of stakeholders, including customers, employees, and the community. We help you demonstrate your commitment to stakeholder engagement by assisting you to develop strategies for seeking feedback, responding to concerns, and involving stakeholders in decision-making.

Obtain certifications: There are several certifications available for social enterprises. These certifications can provide third-party validation of your organisation’s social or environmental impact. We can link you to the right certification that suits your goals.

Participate in social enterprise networks: Participating in social enterprise networks can help you connect with other organisations in the field, learn best practices, and stay up-to-date on trends and developments in the sector. We connect you to like-minded people to help support your goals.

Social Enterprise Australasia

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