What we can do

Finance and Business Structuring

We have a chartered accountant, tax agent, and registered company auditor who is able to provide the right business structure and governance for your enterprise.

Social Impact Measurement

We have a PhD qualified researcher experienced in identifying the most effective strategy to measure impact. Over 10 years of experience working with non-profits and profit-for-purpose enterprises developing key performance indicators.

Workshops and Facilitation

We are well-connected within the social enterprise ecosystem across Queensland and Torres Strait. Our past work includes delivering varied programs and workshops and facilitating events across industries with varied stakeholders (government, private and non-government organisations).

Advocacy and Research

We provide quality research and are available to discuss your research and advocacy needs.

Grant Writing and Raising Business Capital

Experienced grants writer and raisor of early-stage equity to fund start-up growth for non-profit and social enterprises. We seek to determine the right strategy, such as sourcing the right investor for your social goals.

Stakeholder Engagement

We map, identify and facilitate stakeholder engagement and co-design workshops to minimize barriers at the early stage.

Facilitating Social Enterprise Consultations in Far North Queensland – Queensland Social Enterprise Strategy